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Venetian Plaster Course

Venetian plaster is a versatile and durable material that can transform even the most drab and unassuming interior space into a statement of sleek style and design.
But, as with any plaster product, it requires a certain technique and skill to ensure the application is correct, and that the plaster won’t chip or peel as time passes.

At Lusso Canada we provide our customers with a range of introductory Venetian plaster courses to help them make their next home or business renovation a stunning success.

Over the length of the course our experienced and passionate instructors will walk you through the ins and outs of preparing applying and finishing Novacolor plaster products. We’ll show you just how versatile and forgiving this product can be, with our classes serving as the perfect introduction into DIY plastering work.

Performing your own Venetian plaster application ensures you will get exactly the design and style that you want for each room of your property.

Whether you want to replace the backsplash in your kitchen, transform your bathroom or perform a complete redesign of your business or office space, our courses will provide you with the tools to get the job done.

Polished Plaster Courses

Always wanted to try your hand at plastering but wasn’t sure where to begin? Then the polished plaster courses offered at Lusso Canada might be the perfect way to get started.

Our comprehensive training courses cover the theory and practical knowledge required to ensure your next DIY plaster project is a complete success.
You’ll be learning new skills that are transferrable to other renovation and construction disciplines, meeting some like-minded new friends and taking the first step to bringing your dream interior design to life.

The courses cover the basics of preparing the surface and plaster, as well as the techniques needed for a smooth and efficient application.
There is simply nothing more rewarding than waking up to look at a room your designed yourself, or working in a space that you helped to create.

To speak with one of our professional team members and instructors, or for all inquiries related to our popular plastering courses, Calgary customers can contact Lusso Canada today.

Plastering Short Courses in Calgary, Alberta

At Lusso Canada we run a number of practical courses to provide our customers with the skills and confidence to tackle their upcoming home or business plastering project head-on.

Over just a few days you will develop a deep understating of all things plastering, work with a range of different products and materials and understand how to solve any potential problem or issue that may arise.
The training program will also cover how to achieve a particular finish on your plaster, from beautiful, marble-like polished finishes to a striking concrete or oxidized look to give any room a contemporary and modern design.
You’ll also learn about what maintenance is required to keep your newly plastered wall looking its very best for years to come.

We run classes for both beginner and experienced plasterers, with courses that introduce the basics of plastering, to ones that help customers to build on existing skills and further their understanding of the craft.

To book a place in Lusso Canada plastering short courses, Calgary customers can call (403) 660-8041.


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Interior Design

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Lusso Canada

Hands-on training of Novacolor decorative finishes

Those who attend this course will have extensive knowledge in the application of decorative finishes. It is essential that you have a background in applying creative finishes or have previously completed Lusso Canada – Novacolor training and wish to further extend your skill set.

You will discover advanced application techniques and finishes that are available in the Novacolor range.

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